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People think that the directors direct actors. No. Really, what the director's doing is directing the audience's eye through the film.


Julianne Moore

Nikola Zec

Date of birth: 1.10.2000 (18)

Weight: 70 kg

Height: cca. 175 cm

Eye and hair color: Brown

Dress size: M or S

Languages: Croatian, Slovenian, English

Sports: Wrestling, Hockey, Running, Skateboarding, Roller skating

Interests: Entrepreneurship, filmmaking, singing, travel, photography, design...

For shooting purposes I'm ready to change hair color, look etc.

Representative agencies:

The Main Representative (All world):

Nikola Zec Business Production

Representative in Slovenia: Orange Casting

Representative in Croatia: Serena Pro

All other casting photos can be seen here



Podravka d.d. - Commercial for Dolcela

Short movie - Ema i Lena

-----FADE IN------

Previous Recordings





2018 06 25 Commercial for Dolcela (Podravka)             Val produkcija / Serena Pro                                                                                             

2016 02 05 Promotional video for EU - main role          Blank filmski inkubator   


2017 07 20 Zgodovina ljubezni - blok 1 / scena 36         Orange Casting   


2017 07 08 Spot Jana Plestenjaka - Teenager               Orange Casting   


2017 07 07 Reka_ljubezni_blok 7                           Perfo d.o.o.   


2017 06 14 Tuš Celje z Jurijem - obiskovalec              Orange Casting 


2017 03 29 Usodno vino 4 blok_7 - 3                       Perfo d.o.o.   


Hey! I'm so glad that I suit the profile of the person you are looking for. In cooperation with representative agencies we can provide you with everything you need for recording such as costume and makeup, and as best part of the set here is also catering :) Thanks for giving me a chance to show my professionality on the set as well.

I certify that by filling out the contact form, I agree that my personal data will be collected and processed solely for the purpose of the contact for which they were collected. I also confirm that I have been informed that the Nikola Zec Business is operating in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) which provides that the personal data given will not be passed on to third parties without my further consent and will be safely stored in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation as long as there is a need for it or I do not apply for withdrawal of consent, deletion, restriction or correction of data. I do not accept privacy policy!

Thank you for your inquiry!

We will  contact you as soon as possible.

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