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Nikola    Zec  Casting




As society increasingly relies on digital advertising, such as web, smartphones, tablets and social media, the attention of viewers has become even more important and getting the interests of potential clients for advertising more difficult.


Research shows that promotional videos significantly increase the interest of a potential buyer for your business but company needs to provide a video that will be interesting and unconsciously show your product / service. Unlike TV commercials that are limited to 15 or 30 seconds format, the promotional video has no predetermined length. Your promotional video may take as long as you want.


Using a clear message for a specific demographic group, the promotional video targets the audience that is the largest consumer of your products and is much more effective than the classic type of advertising.



Nikola    Zec  Casting quickly and efficiently meets all client's specific needs, organizes recording, selects a crew team, and finds actors and models specially selected for your film, TV series, or promotional campaign. We are going take all your work, so you could focus on important decisions when shooting. Our agents are available 24/7 for solving emergency situations with hundreds of actors in the base that will be happy to work with you.

Nikola    Zec  Casting offers you:

- The complete production organization of the recording according to your requirements: Finding and selecting models, actors and statists, maintaining casting ...

- Preparation of actors & statists (make-up, costumes, scenarios administration ...)

- Our leader and expert casting team will find, evaluate and select actors & models for you and then manage all administrative affairs related to business relationships with them (contracts, negotiations, payouts, and more).

- In cooperation with the contract partners we offer the largest photo and video database of actors, models and statists in Slovenia and Croatia.

Our Casting Manager conducts casting and costume testing in a professional studio with the help of the best production team.

We're shooting all around the world so we don't have the trouble to travel and work with you on a set abroad.



Each of the aftermovies we create, regardless of the size or theme of the event, is produced as an interesting film image that conveys its message in an appealing and connected way that encourages viewers to wish to participate in the event. Our professional cameraman & production team uses the best recording equipment to surrender the aftermovie of high quality and ready for publishing.

Shooting from the air with Full HD and 4K drones! (optional)  

“A picture is worth a thousand words... and a video is worth a million pictures...” 
― Ankala Subbarao

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