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You can't have an independent marketing department? No problem! We are your marketing department and we offer you the complete leadership of your company's marketing.






With the help of modern techniques and design thinking, according to trends, we build brand awareness and bringing your products in the world of trends.





This type of marketing service use a strategic approach, focused on creating a quality, interesting content that will unconsciously instigate client the purchase.


Through quality content tailored to the target group, promoted posts and total social media management, we create potential customers.

Our designers are leaders in solving complex challenges, providing customers with unique, different and unforgettable graphics solutions tailored to their intended target group.

We have a contract with over 70 major Balkan YouTubers to provide you with the most popular type of marketing for teenagers.


We Help Marketing







Nikola    Zec  marketing agency

Nikola    Zec  marketing agency enables to its clients complete marketing / PR support and through the story that shows innovation and specialty of the company, bring their services closer to target customers, taking into account the market in which the business is taking place.

Your problem, our challenge!

We love challenges! Our team of digital marketing, storytelling, design and development professionals is here to create a marketing plan according to your wishes and goals. Our structure is agile in order to ensure the provision of quality services through an individual approach, and thus provide better results.

Teamwork for Better Results

The goal of marketing is to reach out to every prospective buyer and point it to a purchase but each person has a different mindset and thats why you need to have a group of people who can evaluate a particular campaign and add their opinion to its performance. Thats how we work out what influence will have marketing campaign on a certain group of people. We attach great importance to teamwork, and for this reason, we have a lot of marketing experts that are complementing same marketing project to create a marketing campaign that will be remembered.

The service at the world level!

We are holders of Google Developers Agency Certificate Program, and all of our employees go through additional Facebook Blueprint & Google AdWords certification to provide customers global service.


We operate throughout the world with a branch office in Zagreb & Rijeka (Croatia) and the central office in Kranj (Slovenia).


Nikola Zec is a 18 years old Croatian entrepreneur, blogger, speaker and internet personality. First known as a founder of brand WorldFood Box which has Nikola founded in high school and his own agency for business consulting "Nikola Zec Business".

"I would like to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us, and we will try to justify it through business success that we will successfully create together. I am trying to provide quality service that no other marketing agency can provide to its clients. I know how to start business from scratch, and that's reason of our marketing success in working with small businesses whose marketing is not yet sufficiently developed but also for medium-sized companies that want to improve their marketing status"

  - Nikola Zec

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Nikola    Zec  business


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